November 2017
Three soloists from Doha Youth Choir were selected to work with Opera Italia for the entire month, in workshops and individual lessons, under Maestro Giuseppe Raffa.

May 2017
Both choirs took the ABRSM choral exams (Initial Leval and Advanced) and both choirs scored Distinctions and were invited to perform at the ABRSM High Scorers’ Concert.
UK choir expert Greg Beardsell gave both choirs a brilliant workshop in May. http://www.gregbeardsell.com….. Come back soon Mr Beardsell!

April 2017
We staged the Qatar German 2017 Year of Culture concert “Fifty Fifty” with 100 voices performing together on stage.
The Youth Choir went to Latvia on exchange with the National Choir School Concert Choir. http://www.rdks.lv/

March 2017
Both choirs sat their first written music theory board exams with the ABRSM, passing mostly with distinction.

February 2017
Both choirs enjoyed a lively 3-day workshop with Finish choral expert Hanne Orrenmaa and we purchased our first African Djembe drum with her assistance!

November 2016
Our Director was appointed as Assistant Choir Master to Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra
DYC was included in Doha Film Institute’s Dari Qatari film which was an interesting albeit brief look into life and living in Qatar in 2016.

May/June 2016
Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra and Doha Youth Choir agreed to collaborate on future choral projects.

March/April 2016
DYC went on its first tour abroad to Germany, hosted by two fabulous choirs; Canta Chiara in Berlin and the Mädchenchor Hamburg. The entire experience of preparing for an International Tour and the experience of the tour itself, greatly influenced the attitudes of our singers, boosted our confidence immeasurably and all-told has really driven our progress beyond where we could have hoped for. We could not have made this trip without some very special sponsorship especially from our first airline partner KLM and a private Qatari friend to the choir.