• Auditions
  • Auditions will take place on September 9 morning. For further information
    E: info@dohayouthchoir.com
    Doha Youth and Junior Choirs are ambitious audition choirs for the community of Doha, for mixed voices (male and female). We are recruiting singers with good voices, good energy and are interested in joining a group of like-minded musical singers. Our group works hard so that we can progress, and do exciting choir trips abroad and we have a lot of fun along the way. If you think you or 'yours' fit this description then please contact us for more information.

  • Season 2018
  • We have an exciting year planned with two great choirs coming to workshop and give concerts with us. Both Doha Youth and Junior Choirs will compete in Qatar’s first National Music Competition (www.qnma.org). A tour in the region is planned for both of our choirs and we hope Doha Youth Choir will go on an extended tour early April 2018.

  • International Opera Star
  • International soprano Ms Felicitas Wittekindt-Fuchs has become Honorary Patron of Doha Youth and Junior Choirs (DYJC).  This announcement offers a great boost to these two choirs to have the interest and support of such an experienced performer.
    For more information click here


  • Doha Junior Choir Awards 2017
  • Most Improved Male Chorister : Rehan
    Most Improved Female Chorister : Devanshi
    Best Chorister : Colin

  • Doha Youth Choir Awards 2017
  • Spirit Awards : Mattias, Saket, Carla
    Most Improved Male Chorister : Manish, Saket
    Most Improved Female Chorister : Meriem, Nayna
    Best Chorister : Evan

  • What do we offer
  • In addition to choir class, we will be offer bespoke vocal coaching by our vocal coach Zachary Singerman. We also offer ABRSM music theory classes in preparation for the ABRSM music theory exams in March 2018, given by Mike Pignéguy and Lynsey McCrea.

  • Rehearsal Details
  • Every Sunday and Tuesday (2 rehearsals)
    Doha Youth Choir: 5 –7pm + 1 hour of theory on one day on Sun or Tues
    Doha Junior Choir: 4–5pm + 1 hour of theory on one day on Sun or Tues